A Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Style

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 A Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Style!

With Christmas around the corner, and with everyone soaking up the festive spirit, why do the usual when you can do something rustic which adds to the farmhouse Christmas décor lending a warm and cozy feel to your home. Unveil this beautiful look this holiday season with some of our favourite decorations, something your guests will talk about!


Wreaths are a beautiful way to enhance your hallway or liven up a wall space. Pine cones accented with green leaves, this wreath will instantly lift any space up. Bringing a little of outdoor inside the house, this touch of nature is a sure and simple way of creating the farmhouse feel.

 Velvet stockings

Its time to get cozy, warm and snuggling around the fire place with your cup of hot chocolate. One of the best ways to add a rustic charm to the fire place is by accentuating it with plush velvet stocking. The beautiful velvet stocking accentuated with kantha fringe makes it the perfect way to complete the décor around your fireplace.

 Wooden Christmas Tree

Earthy tones and wooden accents subtly yet beautifully add to the rustic farmhouse style décor. Add a driftwood Christmas tree to your mantle to instantly heighten a corner and elevate the cozy vibes.


Why should Santa wear red?

No one else helps spread the cheer as much as a Santa, but why do we always see a Santa in red. Add a resin Santa in earth tones to add on to the farm house theme. Capture the warmth and coziness this pair of Santa Claus brings to your space.

 Keeping the wine bottles cozy too!

Nothing spreads Christmas spirit better than adorable Santa toppers for your bottles of wine! These cute decorations are perfect for tabletops, mantels, and even countertops. Let these help create that cozy and inviting atmosphere in your space this holiday season!

 It's almost the end of the year, and the Farmhouse décor trend was on everyone’s mind through the year. The style is so timeless, that you can enter the new year with the the cozy vibes.

A Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Style